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Erismet's Story

Company foundation

Erismet was founded by Ben Einborn in Estonia.

Machine building

After being founded Erismet started building purpose-based machines. The first machine was a CNC milling machine. Erismet also built metal constructions, and various purpose-based machines for specific applications.

Rinaldo Olberg took office

Ben wanted to expand to create a plastic molding department so in 2013 Erismet recruited Rinaldo Olberg to take office in the production development.

Started mold making and plastic molding

Erismet started small-series plastic molding and mold making.

Started carbon fiber composites manufacturing

Ben saw a good opportunity in carbon fiber composites so he and Rinaldo started to develop machinery and production techniques for carbon fiber composites manufacturing. Soon they succeeded to produce the first carbon fiber sheets and various other composites. Ben was not happy with the initial speed and quality of the production so he and Rinaldo refined their production methods and machine park to fix that. Their efforts paid off and they were able to develop a double-sided high-gloss high-content carbon fiber sheet that was on the market quite unique at the time.™ online store foundation

After having success with carbon fiber composite, Ben felt confident to open an online store selling carbon fiber sheets. This store bears the name of™

Madis Kerna took office

Since Ben and Rinaldo developed a unique kind of sheet they wanted to increase their share in the carbon fiber market. Ben recruited Madis Kerna to take office in the marketing department.

International composite orders

Recruiting Madis was a good decision because soon Erismet was able to fill in international orders the same year.

Cooperation with Ropeye to develop carbon fiber sailing equipment

People in the composite market started noticing Erismet's positive impact. One of the companies that noticed the team's hard work was Ropeye's CEO Jaanus Tamme. Jaanus offered to cooperate on the development of the next-generation sailing attachments. These sailing attachments were based on carbon fiber and polyethylene. By using Jaanus's profound sailing experiences and product design skills with Erismet's success in carbon fiber development, they were a good match for bringing next-generation sailing equipment to the marine industry. Ropeye has been nominated and won the DAME Design award on the METSTRADE marine equipment show multiple times.

Moving to current manufacturing facility

Erismet moved to their current manufacturing facility at Tartu maantee 80J, Tallinn, Estonia.

Discontinued plastic molding to specialize in composites manufacturing

Rinaldo saw an increasing conflict of labor & energy management between the plastic molding and composites manufacturing so in 2017 Erismet discontinued plastic molding to specialize in composites manufacturing.

Expanded manufacturing facility

Erismet expanded their manufacturing facility

Offline representative store

Erismet created their offline representative store.
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