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Our products can be used as gifts and as product samples.

One day noticing a lack of shoehorns in our factory, Rinaldo made a joke about producing carbon fiber shoehorns. Ben thought a minute about it and said: "That's actually a good idea. We are going to produce them as of now." A couple of weeks later we had the first prototypes ready and our factory had plenty of shoehorns for each team member. We then started producing more and started selling them on Amazon, eBay and our own shop –

Carbon fiber notebook idea came from Ben. He thought a product like that would look really cool and would again, work as a product sample. It took us a few weeks to get the first prototypes and of course, there was a small misalignment between the notebook and carbon fiber covers. Luckily this mistake was quickly fixed by modifying the CAD file and the next version was production ready. These notebooks have become irreplaceable for Ben and Rinaldo and they are also sold on Amazon, eBay, and online shop.

Elegant shoehorn

  • Beautiful and practical gift
  • Strong carbon fiber material
  • Small and lightweight (only 8 grams)
  • Same material as McLaren, Ferrari, Lamborghini, and Koenigsegg
  • Made by Erismet in Europe
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Executive notebook

  • Beautiful and practical gift
  • Strong carbon fiber lids protect the paper from excessive wear
  • 100 high-quality pages – 100 gsm, 25% thicker than regular
  • Blank pages to make notes, sketches and let your creativity run wild
  • Made by Erismet in Europe
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