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Developing a composite product? Consider becoming a partner.

Extended possibilities

We made our first composite partner in 2014 with a mission to develop next-generation sailing attachments. These sailing attachments were based on carbon fiber and polyethylene. By using Ropeye team’s profound sailing and product design expertise with Erismet's success in carbon fiber development, we were a good match for bringing next-generation sailing equipment to the marine industry. Ropeye has been nominated and won the DAME Design award on the METSTRADE marine equipment show multiple times. Since that time our partnership with Ropeye has expanded greatly and we help them produce most of their composite product range.

Since our first partnership, there have been many great partners Erismet has worked with. To point out one of the most fun ones is SpecialFins. SpecialFins developed a mission to redesign swimming fins and make them from a high-tech material. The team came to our facility and we consulted them on material properties and manufacturing possibilities. A couple of months later a new type of fins was born – SpecialFins. The partnership lasts to this day ordering custom Pure Glass™ composite sheets from us.


All good products start with an idea. There were people looking at the birds in the sky flying freely and thinking “I want to fly too”. Nowadays people not only fly but they fly using all kinds of methods ranging from huge Airbus aeroplanes to motorized parachutes. At the time this sentence was written, about 1 million people were in the sky flying. Think about that.

Humans have unlimited possibilities and our only limitation is our imagination.

We can help you bring great ideas to life. If you think you just came up with the next Amazon shipping drone or want to send an ESTCube to space then write to us.

Product development

Once an interesting and feasible idea is born it has to pass the prototyping stage. A prototype is a version of a product that made for testing purposes. Testing is where product weaknesses like bending, cracking delamination are found. It is a bit foolish and sometimes even dangerous to pass a product to the market without proper testing. Erismet will produce as many prototypes as needed and help your team test the prototypes as thoroughly as possible to achieve a market-ready product.


Composite production requires a purpose-built machine park. Vacuum, heat, pressure, and resin mixing all have to be coordinated at the right time to achieve world-class composite quality. Erismet started machine building back in 2010 and through the years we have been developing better and better methods for shaping composite materials. We have the know-how on complex composite shape building and have the CNC machinery to make the corresponding moulds.

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