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Processing Erismet Sheets

Personal protection for shaping

– Well ventilated work area

– At least particulate respirator required

– Face-piece respirator recommended

– Dust collection with a vacuum cleaner

Equipment protection

– Carbon fibre conducts electricity so it can short circuit electrical equipment

Cutting tools

– Diamond coated blade

CNC Milling

– Fast and easy to cut

– Water or alcohol cooling required because of heat and dust particles


– Erismet sheets can be glued with aluminium, wood and other composites

– Erismet sheets need to be sanded and cleaned with acetone or other grease and dust removing solvents

– Use epoxy resin or MMA glue for bonding

– Post-cure epoxy resin if necessary


– Can be cut with a regular metal drill

– Diamond coated drill lasts longer


– Sandpaper or other abrasive

– Diamond file

– Sanding too much will expose fibres and will flatten the “3D” look


– Can be polished with regular polishing equipment

Painting and varnishing

– Clean with a grease removing solvent

– No need to worry about damaging composite due to good chemical resistance

– Polyurethane varnish recommended due to self-healing properties
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