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About Erismet’s factory

Erismet started manufacturing composites in 2014. We had a small manufacturing plant in Tallinn, Europe. Since that time we have moved to a new manufacturing facility expanding to 3 floors. We are proud to represent European production quality.

Composites explained

Composite is a high-tech material made by joining and molding high-tech fibers with epoxy polymers. This is done in a very organized way following production regulations and client’s specific request.

Composite material features

– High temperature tolerance

– Low thermal expansion

– Vibration reduction

– High chemical resistance

– Easy machinability

– Hard surface

– Carbon fiber is 30% lighter than aluminum

– Composites are very stiff compared to aluminum

– Higher stiffness compared to thermoplastics

Fibers explained

– High strength of one strand

– Tow size (3K, 12K and more)

– Strand direction and weaves

– Different weave patterns make different fabrics (plain, twill, unidirectional, diagonal)

Carbon fiber alternatives

– Glass fiber

– Kevlar

Core materials

– Foam

– Honeycomb

– Balsa

Why choose epoxy?

– High bonding strength

– High chemical resistance

– High temperature tolerance

– High tensile strength

Mold making and molding equipment

We have been building machines since the founding of Erismet. The idea behind purpose built machines is that there is no limitations to what can be built. Our team knows what we need and how to build it. This know-how stops the hassle of outsourcing machine builders and mold makers.

Erismet’s molding equipment

– Hydraulic press

– Mechanical press

– Mechanical press

– Pneumatic press

Erismet’s mold making equipment

– We have a CNC machine at our service suitable for milling aluminum molds and shaping composite details.

Production technologies

We use two of the best production methods developed for series production

– Resin Transfer Molding (RTM)

– Pre-preg compression molding

Erismet’s standard material selection

– Twill, diagonal and unidirectional carbon fiber fabric

– Twill and unidirectional carbon fiber pre-preg fabric

– Chopped pre-preg carbon fiber

– Plain and diagonal glass fiber fabric

– Divinycell foam core material

– Nomex and aluminum honeycomb core material

– Balsa wood core material

– High flow 100°C Tg epoxy

It is possible to use custom materials based on client’s request.
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