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Carbon fiber details

What is carbon fiber?
Carbon Fiber is a high strength, high stiffness material that when combined with an epoxy resin matrix creates a composite with exceptional mechanical properties. Thirty years ago, carbon fiber was a space-age material, too expensive to be used in anything except aerospace. However today, carbon fiber is being used in wind turbines, automobiles, sporting goods, and many other applications. Thanks to carbon fiber manufacturers who are committed to the commercialization concept of expanding capacity, lowering costs, and growing new markets, carbon fiber has become a viable commercial product.
What is composite material?
A composite material is a material created by combining two or more materials such that the final construction exploits certain properties from each. In the construction of carbon-fiber reinforced plastics, the high strength, high stiffness of the carbon fibers are combined with a low-density stable matrix to create a combined material with desirable material properties.
What is epoxy?
Epoxy is a polymer resin that hardens when combined with a catalyst. Epoxy is one of the most common materials used to form the matrix in carbon-fiber fabrication.
Are there temperature limitations for Erismet Carbon Fiber?
Erismet sheets are used as structural material, but not in high-temperature applications. Carbon fiber itself is highly resistant to heat. However, the glass-transition temperature of the epoxies used in the manufacturing is much lower. The standard operational temperature or our epoxy is up to 80°C.
What does the Erismet Carbon Fiber sheet finish look like?
A glossy finish on both sides – the mirror look.
Why do you use core materials?
Sandwich core laminates are significantly stiffer than solid sheets of equal weight. Alternatively, one can produce a much lighter part of core materials than if solid carbon fiber materials are used. There are pros and cons to each type of core(balsa, Nomex, divinicell) material, as well as applications which demand the use of solid carbon fiber without the addition of cores. Erismet offers each of these options to cover the widest possible range of applications.
Is Erismet carbon fiber plate UV resistant?
No. Our current products are not UV resistant.
What happens to sheets not resistant to UV light?
Transparent sheets turn slightly yellow.
What is RTM?
RTM stands for Resin Transfer Moulding and its advantages are: Good mechanical properties (better strength and toughness than with hand laminating) A finished surface on both sides of the detail Increased precision Lower price for series due to faster production speed Environmentally friendly and non-harmful for workers as moulds are closed and toxic waste in workprocess has been brought down to minimum. What is aramid fiber? Aramid Fiber is a synthetic fiber with exceptional strength and toughness commonly used in applications where high resistance to impacts.
What is matrix in composite materials?
In a composite material the matrix comprises the stable “fill” which holds the fiber reinforcement. By itself the matrix is typically much weaker than the fibers, particularly in tension. The matrix’s primary function is to transfer the loads between the fibers within the composite material.
What is the Ultimate Tensile Strength:
It is the maximum stress a material can withstand in tension, above which failure will occur.
Do you offer cutting service?
Yes, via CNC milling and also with waterjet cutting machine.
What is the typical lead time for custom CNC cut products?
10-15 business days after the receipt of order. This is the typical lead time that will vary based on volume of current orders.
How to cut and shape Erismet Carbon Fiber sheet?
Carbon fiber sheets can easily be cut and finished using simple workshop tools like hacksaws, jigsaws and wet-and-dry paper. Cutting tools will wear quickly however due to the fact that these materials are abrasive. Cutting and finishing carbon fiber can also be perfectly safe if you follow some basic safety precautions. Recommended precautions include wearing safety glasses, a dust respirator, and protective clothing when cutting, sanding or drilling, to limit exposure to the dust, which is an irritant.
Can I change the shape of Erismet Carbon Fiber sheets by heating it, such as done with plexiglass?
No, epoxy is not a thermo-formable.
Do you offer international shipping?
Yes, with tracking number.
How long does it take to receive an order?
Typically, it takes 2-3 days to process each order before it leaves our factory. Shipping time is determined during order checkout.