Technology and Production


We mainly use Hot Compression Moulding technology. We have perfected this method to achieve high quality composite with perfect glossy finish that comes straight from the mould. Thanks to the technology we are using, our products have high carbon fiber ratio per content (ca 65%) and also very low percentage of void.

We use pre-preg materials, which add extra quality and uniformness to products. It is also used on Formula 1 cars and in aviation.

Carbon fiber details

Production and capabilities

Our production includes:

• Hot Compression Molding
• CNC cutting

• Waterjet cutting machine

• Currently we have 3 CNC milling machines in use and 3 hydraulic presses

• We have a CNC machine at our service suitable for milling aluminum moulds and shaping composite details
• 6-axis Robot
• We strive for automation
• Research and Development
• Serial production starting from 100 units

Our materials in use:

• Carbon fiber
• Glass fiber
• Kevlar
• Flax

Aviation - Drones
  • Extremely light weight using Pure Carbon and Core Carbon
  • Longer flight times
  • Preciser movements
  • Vibration reduction for minimizing camera shake
  • Partnership with military drones manufacturer and aviation maintenance company (MRO)
Sports Equipment
  • Used on air, land and water
  • Good flexibility when using Pure Glass
  • Vibration reduction
  • Partnership with SpecialFins
  • Fast and precise movements
  • High efficiency and productivity
  • Low vibration
  • Most clients use Pure Carbon
  • Usage varies from simple covers to complex robotic hands
  • Can be made from 0.5mm up to 20mm thick
  • Partnered with a local robotics company
  • Resistant to salt water
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Compact solution
  • Partnered with world renowned sailing equipment manufacturer